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VOC Thermal Oxidation
  RTO - Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser
  TNV - Thermal Recuperative Oxidizer
  VOC - Rotor Adsorption Systems


Solvent Recovery
   Activated Carbon
   Adsorption Plant for
   Solvent Recovery
   Solvent Separation
   Process Unit

Component & Accessories
  Anti Corrosion Fans

Complete Product Range
  Complete Product Range

Anti Corrosion Fans

atea-WK anti-corrosion fans are designed for large flowrates of corrosive exhaust stream. They are fitted with ceramic shaft seats for extended durability.

The fan casing and impeller is manufactured from a range of material depending on the needs of the customer. Among the common material used is FRP (fire retardant), steel rubber lined, PPs with FRP lining and stainless steel coated.

Our fans are designed for variable speed drive operations. The fans come either as direct drive or belt driven units.


        Anti Corrosion Fans.

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