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  Complete Product Range

Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser (RTO)

The atea-WK RTO system offers an effective system for solvent treatment at relatively low operating costs.

  The use of ceramic material for the air pre-heater makes it is possible to reach a thermal efficiency of up to 96%. This makes an auto thermal-operation from 500 ppm VOC loading possible, thus saving fuel and lowering energy costs to run such systems.

  The design ensures low pressure losses and lower power consumption.

  A highly sophisticated control system allows optimal operation even under variable processing conditions.

  Due to the long residence time of the VOC loaded air in the oxidation chamber, the treated exhaust values are guaranteed to be lower than even the most stringent discharge limits.

  The complete unit is made from high quality material with a proven robust design that requires minimal maintenance.

Regenerative waste air purification for 22,500 scfm in use at the printing industy.

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