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VOC Thermal Oxidation
  RTO - Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser
  TNV - Thermal Recuperative Oxidizer
  VOC - Rotor Adsorption Systems


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   Activated Carbon
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   Solvent Recovery
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  Complete Product Range

Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser (RTO) - Description

The regenerative thermal oxidizer consist of three or more chambers filled with activated ceramic heat-exchanger material. Because of the activated ceramic material as well as the system design, it is possible to reduce the VOC concentration far below the legislative requirement.

The high thermal efficiency and quality material, guarantees a long service life of the system and a cost-effective operation.

Regenerative waste air purification with 28,500 scfm used for the production of bricks.

The Advantages:
  Compact design and short time of installation.
  Variable operation.
  Low pressure loss and high cleaning efficiency because of catalytic activated ceramic carrier.
  Compliance with legal regulations.
  High efficiency through autothermic operations even of low solvent-concentrations.
  Low maintenance requirement.
  Long lifetime because of a sturdy design.
  Thermal efficiency of higher than 96 %.

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