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VOC Thermal Oxidation
  RTO - Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser
  TNV - Thermal Recuperative Oxidizer
  VOC - Rotor Adsorption Systems


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   Solvent Recovery
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  Complete Product Range

Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser (RTO) - Process

The rawgas, which is loaded with VOC's, is sucked through the system by fan (1).

After passing through the catalytic-activated- ceramic-bed installed above the rawgas damper (2), the polluted waste-air passes through the first reactor (3) and heats up. Partial oxidation starts to take place.

The complete oxidation will take place inside the oxidation chamber (4) and the next reactor-bed.

The hot clean gas will pass into the second reactor (5) and releases most of the heat energy to the catalytic-activated ceramic bed, warming by the bed accordingly. The clean gas will leave the system through the clean gas damper (6) and the fan into the atmosphere.

The third chamber will be purged with recycled clean gas. This feature ensures that untreated solvent loaded gas stream will not contaminate treated clean gas in the next cycle.

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