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  Complete Product Range

The efficient and space-saving solution for process exhaust treatment

Many process in today's production facilities require the use of aggressive and concentrated acids and caustic. These contaminants being emitted from the manufacturing process must be selectively captured, extracted and removed from the exhaust air stream before being discharged into the environment.

The SES and ECS type scrubbers work according to the absorption principle. They are designed to remove gaseous pollutants, odours, fumes and other toxic components from waste exhaust streams.

The chemical-physical absorption principle represents a field-tested process for the removal of the water-soluble contaminants from process exhaust. The main considerations of these wet scrubbers are the scrubbing efficiency, pressure drop and effectiveness of the demister.

To achieve high performance and reliability, emission and process guarantees need to be considered when designing and fabricating the system.

All surfaces that come into contact with the contaminants are made of corrosion resistant plastic material. This compact scrubber unit with built-in high performance packing increases the contact surface of exhaust stream with scrubbing liquid to maximize the absorption process.

atea-WK type SES horizontal and ECS vertical packed scrubbers have under gone an extensive research and development process and are backed by our performance guarantee and our proven experience to fully integrate the scrubber unit to the overall plant process.

The atea-WK in-house designed and patented demister system forms a loose bed demister system that is efficient, easy to maintain and replace.

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