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  Complete Product Range

TYPE SES - Horizontal Wet Scrubber - Description

 Scrubber Packing

atea-WK patented packing is designed in-house to suit the design and requirements of our scrubbers. Commonly used packing types, such as APP-50 and APP38, are proven to have a low pressure drop and do not cause sudden choking in the scrubber.

Unlike structured packing, our APP-50 and APP-38 forms a loose packing bed. It is easy to clean, maintain and new packing can be easily added without replacing the complete packing bed.


The APP-V38 is an established economical demister which has an overall efficiency > 99% for water droplets less than 10 micron. It has been designed and further developed by atea-WKs research center in Germany to suit the unique design of our scrubbers. Our tests have shown that the pressure drop across the demister is at a minimum level compared to its size and smooth cylindrical surface.

Another important advantage of APP-V38 is that it is easily removed and replace inside the scrubber. This simple procedure reduces the time spent and costs involved with maintenance and cleaning.

 Re-circulation Pump

As a standard, all atea-WK scrubbers are fitted with two re-circulation pumps (100% redundancy).

These pumps are single stage vertical centrifugal pumps. All parts in contact with the scrubber liquid are manufactured from plastic for corrosion protection.

 Control Panels

Every atea-WK scrubber is equipped with its own independent local control panel and monitoring system. All our scrubbers are controlled via a PLC installed in this panel. As an option, a hardwired safety by-pass system can be provided upon request.

Local control panel with touch screen operation picture together with horizontal scrubbers.

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