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  Complete Product Range

Activated Carbon-Adsorption Plant for solvent recovery
- Description

For the treatment of the exhaust air which is contaminated with different expensive solvents, an Activated Carbon-Adsorption Plant based on solvent recovery can be provided as an economical solution.

Solvent containing exhausts air flows are originating from the production process of a large European pharmaceutical company.

 Process Technical Data (Example)

Exhaust air flow: 4000 - 12000Nm3/h (2300 - 7000 scfm)
Raw gas humidity: max.75% relative humidity
Operating time: 24 h/day, 7 days/week
Solvent concentration: 0.5 - 10 g/Nm3 (166 - 3333 ppm)
Solvent composition:
      -C1 - C4 alcohols
      -Toluole, Xylole
Solvent discharge limits: <TA-Luft (Custom designed to specific discharge needs.)

  Recovered solvent can be reused, saving money and help to have the payback period reduced.
  Suitable for use where solvent load is mid to high loaded.
  No abatement of solvent necessary.
  Build-in regeneration of the activated carbon enable reuse of the system contineously.
  Clean and suitable for use in a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility.

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