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  Complete Product Range

Thermal Recuperative Oxidizer (TNV)

The atea-WK TNV system, in combination with a secondary energy recovery system is a low cost solution for the treatment of high solvent concentration streams. Energy can be recycled back to the production line.

  The system can be integrated with a zeolite adsorption rotor concentrator, ideal for use in a large exhaust stream where the VOC concentration is low.

  Employs our patented burner cone which allows for adjustable residence time in the oxidation chamber, thus allowing for lower solvent concentration in the discharge when required.

  Available in two different designs:
1. An integrated air pre-heater for oxidation temperatures of up to 780C
2. A separate air pre-heater version with a combustion chamber insulated on the inside for oxidation temperatures up to 1000C

  The complete unit is made from high quality material with a proven robust design that requires minimal maintenance.

Thermal waste air purification for 27,500 scfm with heat recovery, in use in the automotive industry.

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