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VOC Thermal Oxidation
  RTO - Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser
  TNV - Thermal Recuperative Oxidizer
  VOC - Rotor Adsorption Systems


Solvent Recovery
   Activated Carbon
   Adsorption Plant for
   Solvent Recovery
   Solvent Separation
   Process Unit

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  Anti Corrosion Fans

Complete Product Range
  Complete Product Range

Thermal Recuperative Oxidizer (TNV) - Description

Our thermal abatement plants, designed and manufactured in house at atea-WK, offers the operator a perfected and fully developed system; configured to the legal regulations.

During combustion at approximately 720-850 C, odorous elements and pollutants in the waste air originating from different manufacturing processes are eliminated. The purification values after the oxidation are far below those legally required or those prescribed by EPA.

The energy recovery systems installed after the atea-WK Thermal waste air oxidation plant are customized for each installation to ensure an optimum energy utilisation and saving of fuel.

Bricked combustion chamber 5,000 scfm with external air preheater.

The Advantages:
  Manufacturing of plants from 100 to 50.000 scfm .
  Compliance with legal requirements (EPA) .
  Economical with the installation of heat recovery systems.
  High safety standard.
  Compact design and short installation times.
  Only highest quality materials are used.
  Long service life of the plants.
  Installation and commissioning by our own service team.
  Integrated smart control system allows operation of the plant under varying conditions.
  Satisfied customers in all industry sectors.

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