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  Complete Product Range

TYPE ECS - Vertical Wet Scrubber

Proven technology and atea-WK know-how means that these vertical wet scrubber system employing adsorption technology is ultra efficiently in reducing water soluble pollutants in a mission critical environment.

Pre-engineered or custom designed to meet your specific requirements.

Up to 99% efficiency on most water soluble pollutants.

Designed for easy operation and minimal maintenance.

Easy assembly on site means that the system can be installed within a short period anywhere.

Proprietary packing guarantees high adsorption efficiency with a low pressure drop across the scrubber unit, thus smaller capacity fans and lower power demand.

Specially designed non-plugging nozzles ensures reliable and optimum distribution of the scrubbing liquid.

Can be constructed in a variety of materials such as PP, FRP, PVDF and stainless steel rubber lined. For FRP scrubber casing we offer a unique smooth surface with fire retardant characteristics.

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