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  Complete Product Range

TYPE SES - Horizontal Wet Scrubber

Proven technology and atea-WK know-how means that these horizontal wet scrubber system employing adsorption technology is highly reliable and capable of efficiently performing the task of reducing water soluble pollutants in a mission critical environment.

Pre-engineered or custom designed to meet your specific requirements.

Space efficient for indoor or outdoor installation.

Designed for easy operation and minimal maintenance.

Easy assemble on site means that the system can be shipped and installed on site within a short period anywhere.

Proprietary packing guarantees high adsorption efficiency with a low pressure drop across the scrubber unit, thus smaller capacity fans and lower power demand.

Specially designed non-plugging nozzles ensures reliable and optimum distribution of the scrubbing liquid.

Can be constructed in a variety of materials such as PP, FRP, PVDF and stainless steel rubber lined. For FRP scrubber casing we offer a unique smooth surface with fire retardant characteristics.

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