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Rotor Adsorption Systems (VOC) - Description

atea-WK Rotor Adsorption System concentrates solvent in low loaded process air by adsorption of the solvent pollutants using hydrophobic zeolithe or active carbon. Selection of the adsorption material depends on the application.

The adsorption materials used make a purification rate of 98% possible, and guarantees compliance with the legal requirements.

          Zeolithe rotor for the processing of 37,500 scfm.

The solvent load is desorp in a separate step; ready for the next adsorption cycle.

The desorption process requires the material to be inserted in an air stream, which can be upto 20 times smaller than the process air volume, and which is heated up to the required desorption temperature.

This highly loaded secondary air is subsequently treated by either a thermal or catalytic abatement plant.

The Advantages:
  Long service life of the adsorption material.
  Minimum maintenance required.
  Unique design enabling high temperature cleaning of zeolithe material.
  Compact system even for high volume streams.

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